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Electric Glass Kettle

  This Cordless Fast Boil Jug Kettle with 1.7L large capacity electric kettle allows you to serve 8 cups of water for you and your family each time. The Dry Protection & Auto Shut Off system makes you tension free when you boil the water, tea, milk, coffee whatever. The Super-sleek body kettle comes with a clear water level gauge and light indicator. This transparent body part helps you to easily read the water level markings. If you forget the boiling process along with didn't set the water level properly, don't worry, The dry protection system of the Daifort Electric kettle will automatically switch off the heating element when there is no water in the kettle or if the water runs out during use. If you don't have much time to make tea ?! No problem, The 1500w concealed heating element brings the boil quickly and saves your precious time. The perfect pour spout allows you to get a streaming flow of water straight into your cup. Say goodbye to splashes and spills on the kitchen worktop.